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Twilight Lovers

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by , 01-19-2012 at 12:14 PM (961 Views)
You ask if I know what is love

Because youíve seen my jealous fears

You waiting for a sign from above

Cause you swore youíd shed no tears

Sometimes its true, Iím afraid

Though I know thereís no reason to be

Youíve broken through my shield of jade

And given me reason to hand over my hearts key

Thereís just something about you

How we fit together so well

This isnít something I want to redo

Iíve fallen under your spell

Although sometimes we fight

Youíll never be alone

Because it will all be alright

I understand this pain youíve shown

When your far away

I truly miss your heart

So I can promise Iíll never stray

I just hate to be apart

Even if you donít believe me

I know what I say is true

I guess youíll have to see

Itíll be just us two

I hope on you I can depend

To be there when Iím in pain

I donít want this to end

I donít want to be caught in the rain

I know what I feel

Ever if you donít think so

I know this is real

But for now weíll take this slow

You wonít believe this

But youíre my savior

Youíre not someone I want to miss

Not someone Iíd trade for the fun of misbehavior

When you call Iíll always appear

For as long as you want me near

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