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It's just 8 weeks :(

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by , 04-29-2011 at 11:45 AM (978 Views)

They say it's just 8 weeks like its nothing..It's only been like 12 days and I can't stand it. I'm waiting for my letter and it's taking forever. This is the longest i have ever been away from him. I can't help but think he will forget about me while he is gone. I keep having these terrible dreams about it. I know its just me being insecure or whatever because i know Kevin would never forget about me.I'm just impatient..I thought there was a link on the coast guard page where they updated about certain boot camp groups and you could possibly see pictures..Does anyone know what im talking about..? If so i would appreciate if someone would send me the link. Thanks

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  1. Ladysax's Avatar
    I know 8 weeks seem like 8 years. lol because you sound just like me. My BF left for bootcamp on Valentines Day...VALENTINES DAY...thats the biggest lovers holiday ever. And he went away. It was miserable but all I can tell you is to keep yourself busy. Think positive and I know he will not forget about you. He probably misses you like you miss him. All I thought about was my BF and he thought about me all the time. I was in his dreams. Send him some pictures of you. I know he will love that. And write him everyday. They absolutely LOVE getting letters. I sent ,y BF a letter everyday, kind of extreme but I missed the hell out of him. Im a impatient person too lol you sound just like me but keep your head up. It will be all over soon