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Mrs.Faithful's..He will NOT come back "different"

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by , 03-19-2011 at 08:47 PM (1301 Views)
I read a lot of blogs about women saying, "Idk if I can do this's been so long since we've seen eachother... he's gonna be different.. I'm not even gonna know him anymore!" If you have said any of this at any point during a deployment... Shame on YOU. Different is not always a bad thing. And Different does not always happen with the soldier, women are way more likely to become "different" during a deployment. We, the ones who stay behind will definately become different. We grow stronger. We have to learn to adapt to being alone yet still committed to someone. If we, the ones who stay behind, do our part in keeping the love flowing in the relationship then yes our soldiers will come back different too. They will love you differently- they will love you like theres no tomorrow. They will be in that new love stage..because they haven't seen you in so long. Yes, he will be different, don't be afraid of that or give up before you even get to experience HOW different he will be and IF it will even been a bad thing. Many women think because they are soldiers or military men and because they are in a war that they will be harden in their hearts or they will come back not loving you the same or as much. This is more than 70% WRONG! Being away from you, a women who has faithfully waited for him, will only make him love you the same. But for that statement to come true you, the woman, have to do your part and stay faithful and strong. You have to be understanding through the tough parts and show him that you will be the ones that survive. That after all this is over even if you both have grown as individuals that ya'll still fit perfectly together.. stronger than before. Don't be afraid to be different. Don't give up before you try..

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  1. bodyarmor's Avatar
    I agree with you but then again, we can't really force a woman not to feel that way. Every woman with a husband that gets deployed let's say every year, has fear inside of her that we really can't tell her to swash it all away. i think, we just needs to be there for the wife and assure her that her husband will come home. soon :)