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Turn Around...

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by , 09-27-2012 at 01:18 AM (1332 Views)
I saw DB about a month ago and it was really really nice. He took me to the beach, to eat sushi, to see the batman movie, to the amusement park(old dominion), we went to the club. we did so much while i was there. It was the best 8days of my life actually. Since then I feel very loved. very very loved by him. I really enjoy his company.

He's getting me the nerdiest present for my birthday. A new headset for the computer so when i game or chat its better sound. I am happy, tho i suggested he get me a promise ring.
but he thought to get me something on his own which is a nice change. we talk every night on either ventrillo or Skype or Facebook. Its nice having the internet. He is moving back to California very soon tho. October 11th or something like that.

He told me i might get to meet some of his family soon. I am really excited!! I have yet to meet the parents and we've been dating for 2 years. well they live on the west coast and we live here in the east coast.
DB is becoming increasingly sweeter by the day. He offers financial help to me when he used to not to. I was stressin over bills and i called and cried to him that i didn't get that second job i wanted and he told me if i needed him to ask. I love this man. I would like to try everything out on my own first, but if i really really need him and there's no other options i will ask him. How he's acting reminds me of some good husband qualities.

I am scared about my mom to california as well. I'm leaving my family. I've decided to change my career path for the time being so i can take care of myself better. I'm studying to be a pharmacy tech. I know they make good money. then i wont be a burden on DB even though he wouldnt see me that way, i would just feel that way to him if i didnt have a good job.

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