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San Onofre II

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by , 07-16-2011 at 10:50 PM (1011 Views)
Hey Ladies!!

We are about to move on base in San Onofre II housing on Camp Pendleton Marine Base and I was curious if anyone knows if we are allowed to paint the walls. Or if anyone lives in San Onofre II. I moved here about 6 months ago and dont know that many people. My husband is deploying next month and I would like to get to know some ladies to have a support system while he is gone and even when he is home!! Hope it hear from you soon!!

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  1. Alo32's Avatar
    Hi MarinewifeMcCann!
    My name is Ashley, and I am looking for a good support system to! I am not sure how to message anyone yet so i just commented, if you know how to please feel free to!