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A beautiful thing happened today...

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by , 01-12-2009 at 10:37 PM (1042 Views)
My husband is away at training. He was 1 week under the accompanied leave mark (20 weeks) so I get to stay here. It's awful. I get to talk to him for an hour or so at best on Sundays.

I know it's not deployment and I know I can't possibly understand what it's like to have my husband in constant danger, but it feels like he's deployed. And when I tell people he's away at training, they assume it's like some weekend business trip.

I feel stuck. My husband will be switching to another training place soon and I won't have orders to accompany him. (17 weeks) But I can't bear to be away from him for so long again. It's simply miserable.

On top of that, we're pregnant. And he'll be graduating training two weeks after my due date.


Do I follow him down there, spend the weekend times together that we can, even if their are no overnight passes? Is it worth following your guy to an training fully knowing you'll only get to see him on weekends? Or do I wait? I do know he'll get his phone this time to use whenever. But is that enough?

Oh. So. The title of this was a beautiful thing...

I was bawling my eyes out over the stress of it all. (did I mention I had to make the decision to move cross-country in 5 days?) Screaming to God, yelling at him for taking away the only person in my life that gave a crap about me and leaving me alone night after night after night.

And then the phone rang.

I didn't recognize the number, but I answered anyway, and it was him.

Mid-rant with God, I got my "answer". Kinda silly, huh?

He said he snagged the phone from some guy who had managed to keep his from getting confiscated.

A two-minute conversation. That's all it took to say, I love you I love you I love you. Gotta go, bye.

But it was somehow enough. Not enough to make it better. Not enough to make it right. But enough.

I love my soldier.

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  1. RandiDandi's Avatar
    Aren't those phone calls the best. My favorite was when my hubby called me from basic while hiding in a closet so he wouldn't get caught just long enough to say he loved me and was thinking about me all day. Being apart is being apart. Deployments can be harder than training but that doesn't mean training is not hard on both of you. My hubby went straight from basic to Korea and everyone always says well aren't you lucky he is not in Iraq but 18 months straight of long distance sucks no matter where he is. You just can't let other people's thoughts on it bother you.
  2. charitydotson's Avatar
    Thanks. It's kinda crazy tho. I've never been one of those girls to chat it up on the phone. I really don't like it actually, but even after hours talking with him, and I still can't get enough..
  3. HLDobbs1's Avatar
    Yah I kinda of completely skipped the training thing and mos. It was kinda bs, but it just makes this deployment so much harder. We had to break it off because he didn't want to be with someone in training, to distract him. I'm was so lost. I'm glad at some point that I didn't have to go through all of that, but it just really sucks now cause i'm not used to be apart. The good news is, even when we dated we didn't see each other everyday. He lived in texas for the past year and I lived in Mi. So the distance isn't that bad, its the not talking part that is driving me up the wall. But I've been told its very normal.
  4. charitydotson's Avatar
    Yeah. Although I get why he broke it off the first time. Sometimes it's easier hurting the one you love once, then leaving your heart with them and feeling the pain every day. But you're right, girl. I think the equivalent would be him coming home everyday, going straight to bed without talking to you for months straight. It feels that personal even though you know in your mind it shouldn't be...
  5. I<3myUSNsailor's Avatar
    I was in the same distance situation until last week when i quit my job, packed everything in my car and drove from oklahoma to california to be with my husband who is finishing training here. This is the first time we have spent more than a few days together in almost a year and it made the hell i went through to get here so worth it! Everything is worth it as soon as your hear their voice, even for a second, and when they wrap their arms around you! Hang in there!!!