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Missing him

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by , 01-23-2009 at 02:30 PM (882 Views)
Well I'm still missing my DB so much. I havent seen him since he came to TX on block leave. Lastnight he asked me if I would come to AK and be with him before he PCS back stateside and I gave him a stupid answer. I told him it depends on how things are going for me. I mean as far as jobs and finances and he just got quiet. Well I wasnt able to sleep after I had told him that because I know he was thinking that I might leave him while he is deployed which is far from the truth. I love him so much its just that my last relationship I was depending on someone for everything and I had nothing. I just dont want to do that again. I want to have my own before I move to AK with him. Well this morning I texted him and told him I was wrong for feeling that way. I just have to let go of the past and move on. DB is nothing like my ex so I know he will help me out so that I can get a job and things like that. I love him so much I cant wait for R&R.

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  1. goincrazixo's Avatar
    I hate when my boyfriend thinks i'm going to leave him while he's away! :( if they only knew how much we miss them!
  2. melissa8689's Avatar
    My DB was stationed in AK and when I got with him he was already up there. And his is deployed right now. I miss him so much. I do cry my self to sleep and its hard to sleep, but you have to brush yourself off and start the next day off. Me and my DB have decided not to go and elope or anythig because we didnt want to be making the wrong decision of getting married to young. He need to just let him know how you feel.