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Tomorrow Will Be Today

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by , 02-25-2009 at 03:21 AM (973 Views)
Tomorrow Will Be Today

You ever laid on your floor,
realize you ain't got nowhere to go?
Have you ever cried so many tears
That you faced all your fears
About losing the only one you've loved?

You ever thought you could die
Just by missin' someone elses life?
Have you held ever breath
Because your soulmate's sometime death
Seems so damn near?

Have you drowned in your tears?
Have you faced every single fear?
Have you sleep all alone
Next to a damn telephone
That probably won't ring?

Sometimes I think I'm falling apart
Only because we're apart
I feel like two shopping carts
They've pulled apart
I can't run right without you near.

Sometimes I lay awake
Pray for God every day to take
Until you're here again
I won't feel whole again
Baby, please baby, be near

Sometimes I think I'll die
When I think about never seeing your eyes
When I think of your face
And the way your lips taste
I swear, the waitings worth the bear.

Sometimes I think of our past
The way I begged days to last
Soon the sun will come again
But this still won't end
Until the cold is near.

Sometimes I fight for the strength
Sometimes the others I hate
The ones who don't have to wait
The ones who get to kiss the face
Of the ones who hold their fate

Sometimes I hate every day
When time just pushes you away
But soon you'll be home
Yes, I know you'll be home
And everything will be better than okay

So I lay in this bed
Put my laptop to my head
And sleep with the only warmth I'll get
So I lay in this bed
Put my phone to my head
And pray tomorrow will be today
So I lay in this bed
So I lay in this bed
Alone, praying tomorrow will be today

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  1. April Deans's Avatar
    I LOVE this poem. Love it.
    April Deans