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What a boring day!!!

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by , 12-04-2008 at 11:01 PM (1149 Views)
So today was an "ok" didnt start well but it got better...people in my city do NOT know how to drive in winter weather!!!! i stopped and waited for a car to come down a hill on a narrow street and the car behind me decided to go around me and the car coming the opposite way slid right into the guy who passed me!!! DUH!!! did you not see how skinny the street was!!!! or the big school bus right behind that other car!!! class was boring again but i got a few projects done like i wanted so it wasnt a total waste of a day...tomorrow should be better...we are having our class and faculty xmas party and we made a video kind of making fun of our should be hilarious! I still miss Trav soooo much but today was a little easier to get through...i just need my finals to be done...i cant take the stress of not talking to him and the stress of 7 tests all at the same time!!! I really feel like my brain will explode soon!!! and my heart just cant take anymore stress....i think i need a good scream and i might feel better...or an hour with a punching bag!

i finished db's letter and i am going to mail it off soon...i want to try to have a few of them sent out so had has plenty to read on his days off....i really wish he would write me one back though....i know he is busy but i just need to hear him say how much he loves me and that i mean everything to would just give me a little reassurance that he still wants me in his life when he gets back!
Ok enough for tonight...i think i am gonna go to bed early...NIGHT!

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