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Life Bites Sometimes!

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by , 11-30-2008 at 07:47 PM (1058 Views)
So I still havent been able to get out of this debbie downer phase....Sat. i had my best friends baby shower (which was sooo much fun and a great distraction) but then that night i went to a wedding and all i could think about was Trav....I can't wait until he comes home and even though i know he isnt completely ready to get married, i cant wait until we do....i know he is the one and i have known it from the beginning! I love when he holds me in his arms when we are laying all snuggled up in the covers....I love when he kisses my forehead and I love kissing him on the lips even more....I miss him more and more each day and I love when he makes my day so much better knowing he is ok and hearing him say "I love you"...I guess i just need to remember all of the fun times we have already had....i was thinking tonight about some of our first times spending the night together at his apartment and dancing in my apartment to a really pretty love song with the lights off after his christmas ball last year....I can't wait to have more of those times with him....

I think i am just down because i have so many other crappy things that i have to worry about instead of just writing him letters and mailing him would be really great if that was all i had to do....but i have a week of projects due and next week i have the worst finals of my life and i am just so burnt out on school right now...8-5 (sometimes 6) almost everyday gets reallllllly old quickly! Plus thanksgiving break wasnt the best for me....i had tons of homework and studying to do (which i didnt get all of it done) and i didnt get to stop by his family not quite sure if his mom just didnt realize that she didnt tell me about their plans or if maybe i have done something to upset her but i talked to her about 2 weeks ago and she didnt mention anything and i text her about something else 2 nights before and she still didnt say anything....i am hoping it is nothing i did b/c i really thought things were ok with his mom and i....i really do like spending time with his family and i was invited last year to a lot of their family stuff like thanksgiving and xmas so im not sure what changed? my friends think that i should say something to Trav but i dont think it is his problem to worry about....i need him to focus his attention on his job and not worry about me or his family....I will be ok if they dont want to see me for a makes me sad but i can handle it....i almost wonder if i remind them of him or something (or at least thats what i hope it is) so im gonna try not to take it personally.....

i am getting through each day a lot better but today i think i didnt do so well since i missed his call....i was at work and i didnt think he would call for a few more days cause i thought that was what he told me but obviously i didnt i guess i will end for the night cause homework is calling my name!

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