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kinda... maybe a little...

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by , 11-19-2009 at 02:46 PM (1182 Views)
sad right now... dealing with not hearing from him due to his work schedule and impatiently waiting to see him is not helping me...
Its only Thursday It feels like its been Thursday for like 4 days now... I want it to be SATURDAY!!!! No, I want it to be SUNDAY!!!!! So i will BE there!
I wish I could get just a simple text... >_< anything
Anyways, test tomorrow morning in Chemistry that I am so far from being ready for but my current mood is making me feel like I dont care anymore...

OH and my ex fiance, Jon, talked to me on Skype this morning and was a complete DOUCHE! Maybe thats why Im in this mood. I wish I could hear from Andy to help me feel better about Jon. So tired of the games... and yet I feel like I NEED to know he is still ok.
Ok. well thats my rant for the day. Now to focus in Art History class lol

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