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My Day 8/8/10

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by , 08-08-2010 at 08:39 PM (795 Views)
Well today was a pretty good day. Dad and I are doing pretty good taking care of things while my mom is outta town at my sis and BIL's house,awaiting the birth of nephew.My sis is afraid she will go into labor and her husband will be at work so my mom has been over there for a wk.My nephew is due 8/20 but we will see. Anyways. Dad and I cleaned house today...I cleaned my bathroom and straighted my room.This afternoon I went back to the gym after being MIA from there a couple of weeks.I still havent heard from my DH since he left going back to Hood from his 2 day leave a couple of weeks ago. I know he will call when he can.Well Army Wives is coming on in about 20 mins.Woohoo!!! I love that show.Well Im gonna wrap this up for now.Its so good to be back on MSOS.

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