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Army Wives Show

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by , 09-22-2008 at 09:15 AM (1072 Views)
So Im writing my first blog instead of posting this on the message boards...Does anyone out there think they are alittle obsessed with the show Army Wives and saw last nights episodes?

I totally love it and last night everything sorta came into play and all got resolved. From Claudia Joys rape to Denises marriage. It took his kids to realize Trevor had a serious problem and Pamela finally took some aggression out on that stalker.

Cant wait for next week and another season

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  1. hisqueen's Avatar
    You now I love it I may be alil obsessed.. BUt its the life we lead you know..
  2. texaslullaby's Avatar
    Yea...definatly cant wait for season 3...if I missed one episode on TV I would watch it online ha ha ha
  3. ArmyGirlfriend08's Avatar
    I LOVE ARMY WIVES!!!!! I am so glad that they are replaying Season 2. I am SOOO ready for Season 3
  4. bbrown20's Avatar
    ahh i love army wives. i just watched all of season 1 again last night lol. I am a freak about it. I cant wait till season 3 it needs to start ASAP!!!!!!
  5. SemperGumby's Avatar
    ARMY WIFES IS ABSOLUTELY FAKE DRAMA!, fun to watch if your bored but taking anything serious off that show is a waste of time.(remember: it is WRITEN by someone, its not life)
  6. bbrown20's Avatar
    Yeah but a bunch of the writers are girls who either are army wives or were army wives at one point. Granted alot is not the same as real post life but there is also alot that is