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Thread: To Buy or Not to Buy a Keurig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ms. Nutmeg View Post
    i feel like we never talk anymore . . . .oh wait. no. that's a lie. i talk to you like everyday. carry on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ms. Nutmeg View Post
    Honestly, I would not waste my time or money on a Keurig. I got mine for free from school and I admit I have used it often enough to justify it still being on my counter, but they're so incredibly wasteful and expensive. I would not get one if I had the option.
    I got mine for free from my college too (some exchange your coffee pot and get a Keurig program, aka stand outside in the middle of summer for four hours) and otherwise wouldn't have paid for one. It worked for about three months (occasional, 2-3x per week use), then completely stopped working. I was super disappointed. I tried to de-scale it and everything, but nothing worked. My uncle has one and swears by it, but I think the k-cups do tend to be super wasteful.
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    I regret buying like you and i never drink coffee so it was kind of a waste of money (my DB at the time drank a lot of coffee). I want a Nespresso now because I prefer espresso to coffee. You can do hot chocolate and tea in their but i find it easier to just do in the microwave or with a kettle and honestly it tastes better. I feel like tea coming out of there tastes like coffee haha
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    We got ours for Christmas a few years ago and we use the shit out of it.

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    Thanks everyone for the responses! I really wasn't expecting so much feedback.

    Andddd.. I still have no idea whether or not to get one. I feel like most of you gave it the but there was still enough negativity to make me question it. I know I'd like it if I had one, and would use it, I just don't know if it is justifiable to me.
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    I feel it's worth it if you drink one cup at a time, as I do. I mean, you COULD make just one cup in a traditional coffee-maker, but ain't nobody got time fer dat.

    I go with the reusable cup and buy my own favorite beans, then fresh-grind them. Yum!
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    Not worth it. I also would not get one of the new models. They changed them so that you can only use kuerig licensed pods, and no fill-it-yourself pods. A pure money grab. There are some work arounds, but why should you have to.
    If you really want a single serve, I would go with the nespresso. More expensive but better.
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    If you're not going to drink real coffee I don't think it's work it. When I first got it I tried tea a few times and it tasted really weird. Now if I try tea it comes out tasting like coffee. It's just as easy to microwave water for that kind of stuff. No point in shelling out the cash for the keurig.

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    I would never! They are so expensive. The coffee is mediocre at best and they are AWFUL for the environment. Seriously, every pod is incredibly harmful and wasteful.

    I would get a french press or this

    I have both and interchange them depending on my mood. The scoop is super practical and easy to use, and you can just get regular ol' ground coffee. It's basically like the keurig without the awful pods.
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