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Thread: Keeping up with a salon dye job?

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    Keeping up with a salon dye job?

    Soooo 2 months ago I accidentally dyed my hair. There was an enormous miscommunication between me and my stylist (she thought I was dying it all and getting blonde highlights put in, I thought I was getting chunky auburn lowlights put in...)

    By the time I realized she was actually dying ALL of my hair it was too late. Anyways, now I have light-auburny hair with blonde highlights.

    I went and got my roots touched up today because I have a conference presentation on Monday and they were looking a little silly (my natural color is ashy brown). But dang, I realized it's going to be crazy expensive to keep up with this - especially since she pointed out that I'll have to get the foil highlights redone every other time or so to keep them looking good.

    I have a custom mixed color, so even if I were to do it at home I doubt I could match. What do I do? Just keep it up for a while and then have her dye it all back to my natural color? Hope I can match with box dye and make DH learn how to do root touchups?

    Seriously, it's gonna be like $900+ a year to keep this up. Help. How do you pretty ladies deal with this kind of thing I've never had salon colored hair before.
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    I get a bayalage and keep my roots natural. That way I can go as long as I want without getting my hair done and it pretty much just gets longer. Thankfully when I do the blonde it gets super light and doesn't need a toner though.
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    I had never done anything with my hair, but my cousin was dying to do something with it last Thanksgiving. I decided to get a balayage since I knew I wasn't going to keep getting my hair done. My hair has definitely grown since then, but it still looks fine because my roots were already showing to begin with, now they're just a bit longer.

    You could also dye your hair closer to your natural color so it isn't very noticeable when it starts growing out.
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    I've never been able to keep up with my color. I go once a year or so and then just deal with it growing out but I don't have to look professional so it works I guess.

    I don't really have advice but I thought I'd mention, I also have ashy brown as my natural color and once I asked a salon to dye it back to that and the lady literally refused to do it. She ended up doing a darker, richer color that wasn't too bad in the growing out stage but I'm still mad she wouldn't just do what I wanted (this was...twelve years ago ).
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    You need to go to Salon Ink and see Apri... its in Mission Hills so a little bit of a drive for you but she is worth it! Anyways, she has a way of doing highlights where its not obvious at all when you grow them out and everything looks very natural. She is a little expensive but I always went to her and I think she is worth it ESPECIALLY when you want to really stretch time in between colorings and not have to go as much.

    I am still growing out some blonde she put in my hair and it still looks fantastic so I think its a testament to her talent. If you decide to see her definitely call ahead of time to make an appointment... and when I was moving away a year ago she was booking appointment months in advance so not sure on how busy she is now.
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    Blonde is a really nice color. Currently, I have managed to keep my hair intact as a dyed blonde.

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