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    Has anyone gone to school for esthetics? If so, where did yo go and how long did it take? I am really interested in it. There is a Pal Mitchell new me bt I have always heard that it is not a good school to go to for esthetics.
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    I did not but I do have some friends that did, here are a few things I've heard through them.
    1) The schools can be VERY expensive out of pocket.
    2) It can be hard to find a job if you are not in a larger area and/or if you don't have some other training to go with it (ie massage therapy, hair stylist, etc)
    3) It can be a difficult career as a military spouse to constantly start over with new clientele. This only holds true if your significant other moves often.
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    The little boy that I babysit, his mother is an esthetician. She went to a local school for it. Back home there is a vo tech school that has esthetician courses that a lot of girls from my graduating class went through. I'd just search local schools and look at the reviews. For how long it took though, I don't know

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