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Thread: What razor do you use?

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    What razor do you use?

    Every so often I'll need to switch razors. I don't know why, they just seem to not work as well after awhile. You know when the blades are going bad and you can feel it as your shaving, like it'll pull your hair so it hurts? I felt as if a blade was going bad so I switched to a new one and the new blade felt the same way. It actually cut me, took a nice chunk out of my leg.

    Right now I have the men's Schick hydro. I had the women's but that wasn't doing the job so well after a few years. So when DH got a new razor and still had good blades, I started using the men's version. I've used it probably about 2 years.

    What razor do you use? Or do you wax?
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    I use the cheapy twin blades from HEB.
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    I was using some kind of Venus blade and loved it for years, but the same thing happened. The blades got dull but still didn't feel good when I replaced them. A few weeks ago I started using men's blades after I borrowed a razor from DH and it worked super well. I believe it's Gillette
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    I think Gillete Mach 3?
    I dont use razors geared for women anymore.

    For some reason they dont do the job since I have thick hair (leaves patches of hair unshaved) and theyre somehow like $5 to $10 more on restocking my blade compared to the other ones. Nope.
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    I've been using Dollar Shave Club for a little while now. You get a 4 pack of blades mailed to you each month so you toss out the blade every week. I use a men's razor (I have no clue of they make a woman's one or not) and it's the closest shave ever.
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    Parker 22r double edge razor and shark blades
    Pre shave shave oil keeps the nicks away
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    Venus one for sensitive skin. I was using the Shick Intuition but during the summer it just doesn't give a close enough shave for me.
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    Dollar Shave Club! It's super affordable, and I always get a close, smooth shave.
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    Dollar Shave Club! I use the mid grade blades.
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