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Thread: Backless Bras?

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    Backless Bras?

    Has anyone ever used a backless bra? I just got an adorable new shirt, but I definitely can't wear a normal bra with it. I'm a D cup, so I need some sort of something under it. I was thinking of getting something like this:

    Maidenform Bra: Invisible Adhesive Backless Strapless Bra 2289 - Women's

    Has anyone tried this or something similar before?

    I Eelizah
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    yes i have! i went through a period where i was obsessed with all things backless and ive tried a slew of different backless bras. sticky bras are great, im a small c, and found that most offered enough support so i felt comfortable. make sure when you apply your skin is clean with no lotion on it otherwise it will slip around throughout the day. also beware of sweating...if its super hot out i found my bra felt less secure through out the day I havnt tried this specific bra but i have tried the 'nubra' that is a similar design/concept. i found it works about as well as you would guess. better than no bra but wont give you any substantial lift/support. i say go for it..backless is so fun!

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