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Thread: To cut hair or not

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    To cut hair or not

    My hair falls to my lower back.
    When I joined the navy I had to cut my hair to shoulder length.
    I'm kinda tempted to cut it again, but am being really indecisive.
    Pros: I don't have to wear it in a bun every day. It would be cute.
    Cons: I hate the mid length growing out phase. I like being to do elaborate braids.

    I can't decide...

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    I cut my long hair to shoulder length last summer and I was super pissed about it every single day until it grew back. I say don't do it. It's long again now but I still talk about what a huge mistake it was like once a week probably, it remains one of my biggest regrets in life.
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    Don't do it!
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    I'm always on cut your hair. Not wanting to have to wear my hair up everyday for work was honestly, like, 75% of the reason I cut my hair in the first place. Do it!!
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    I cut my long hair shorter last year and I totally regretted it. Its only just now getting to be to the length that it was before I chopped it off. I am never cutting my hair short ever again.
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    I'm having the same struggle right now some days I get so sick of my hair being so long and heavy that I'm like "That's it, I'm done with this shit, it's getting chopped" and then I remember how much I hate having to try and grow it back and I change my mind. It's a problem! I may go get it trimmed at least and get rid of all the split ends but that may be it.

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    I typically have long hair. There have been two occasions where I have chopped it to shoulder length. Then, for the next year, I hate my hair until it grows back.
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    So you don't have to put it in a bun for work everyday, I say do it!

    You can always grow it back if you don't love it...

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    I just cut my hair a few weeks ago, i love it!! Sooo much easier to deal with! I usually dont even dry it anymore, just brush it after I shower and let it dry naturally.

    So I say cut it!
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    I recently got rid of ~14 inches and I'm loving it. It's so much lighter and less work but it still looks "long" to me (past shoulders). Background for me, I had had my very long (lower back/just to the butt length) for about 6 years, only ever getting a trim-5 inches taken and so I was for sure ready for a bigger change.
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