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Thread: Little Black Dress

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    Little Black Dress

    Do you think that every woman should have a little black dress for that spur of the moment occasion?

    I'm talking about the surprise event that needs a bit more class then jeans and a t-shirt.

    I was looking for something to start changing up my wardrobe. Hubby has been hinting that we might need to get into the Mess dress now. I'm not a real girly girl and haven't purchased dresses in YEARS!!!! Added, big peoples clothes aren't in fashion sometimes. I want to look nice; but, be comfy.
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    YES! It's handy and fun when the occasion calls for it
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    I keep 2 on hand. I have a very formal one and then a more casual one. But I have a very specific and small wardrobe. It makes putting an outfit together so easy. Plus if you already have one on hand then you don't have to stress over finding the perfect dress.
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    Yes! However if I have enough notice/want something different, I use Rent the Runway.
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    No. I do think most women should have some kind of dress that is easy and versatile. But must it specifically be a LBD? Nope.

    I'm in the market for such a dress--something I can easily change up with different accessories and which can work during the day (lunch with friends) up through almost cocktail, depending on styling. But black bores me, and frankly it isn't a great color on a lot of people. I don't understand what it has to be a L"B"D. Why not Navy or red or teal or gray or green?

    Mess Dress is formal. So I don't think a LBD would work for most events to which he's wearing Mess Dress. You'd want long, and a bit more fancy in fabric and embellishments that a LBD can go, no matter how it is styled.
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    Definitely not. The idea of a "go to" dress is a good one for many, but it does not have to be black. Not all women look good in black. In fact, some look horrible in black.
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    I have a lot of dresses but I don't own a little black dress. I agree with PPs that black doesn't look good on everyone and IMO I think they're a little boring/plain. Also, when I think LBD I think bar or club, not Mess Night or formal events.

    I think it's good to have a couple of cocktail dresses, bar/club dresses, and casual/daytime dresses.

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    I don't think it necessary *has* to be black but I have an LBD just in case ... works in a pinch for surprises to more formal events plus I'm glad I had it on hand when I had to attend a funeral, last thing I want to do if a loved one dies is go out and buy a new outfit.
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    A little BLACK dress? No. A dress that isn't formal but isn't really what you would wear for church yes. I put it that way because well black is blase. I prefer colors and I don't think the dress a woman has set aside for special sudden events needs to be black or what a lbd normally looks like.
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