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Thread: Let's talk about foundation.

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    Let's talk about foundation.

    What kind do you recommend? Right now I use Kat Von D's tattoo lock-it foundation, and I love it. I'm just looking for a different kind to try out! It's a full coverage, which I love for when I am working because it looks great and lasts a very long time.
    I've been thinking about trying mac, but I only know one person who uses it.

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    I use IT Cosmetics powder foundation, it has pretty amazing coverage for being a powder and it lasts all day for me. I LOVE it!
    It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Medium Beige - Cosmetics, Fragrance, Salon and Beauty Gifts

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    I use the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation and I like it! It gives me the coverage without feeling caked on! Plus I like it because it's sold at most drug stores and it's not too expensive.

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    I like Skin 79 BB cream (the pink one). Super light, evens out my skin tone, and helps my skin look healthier. I don't bother letting it adjust before setting it with powder either.
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    I have MACs full coverage Studio Fix Fluid

    I only use it when my redness and acne is really acting up, but I love it. I use a barely damp sponge to apply in thin layers to build the coverage I want where it's needed. Haven't found another full (actual full, not drugstore "full") coverage that actually works for me. I have combination skin... If that helps!
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    I usually use stuff from sephora but recently I've been using the Covergirl ready set gorgeous foundation and I looooove it. My skin is total bullshit and gives me nothing but problems but it looks great with this foundation on. I also really like supergoops cc cream.

    I really need more coverage than either of those give but lighter foundation + concealer where needed looks better to me than anything full coverage. I'd say they're both medium though and can be build up or sheered down.
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    Totally on this thread

    I use BB cream and powder from Rimmel London atm. Need to get better quality stuff!
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    What foundation don't I use?

    ... I'm a serious foundation junky.
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    I used to hate foundation because I felt like it never worked. Then I got a free makeover at Bareminerals and I love their foundation. I have/had really blotchy and red skin. And their Ready powder and it helped my skin so much. I think after a week I noticed huge improvements and now I only wear it about 1-2 times a week when I dress up fancy shmancy Like church or date night.

    Here's the link READY SPF 20 Foundation | Makeup | bareMinerals
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    I love love love the new Laura Mercier smooth finish flawless fluid Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide - Laura Mercier | Sephora
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