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Thread: Fashion and makeup blogs?

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    Fashion and makeup blogs?

    I feel like my personal style is kind of undergoing a transition. I'm looking for some new fashion blogs to follow.

    I'm also changing my makeup routine, and having fun playing with new products and techniques. Any favorite make up blogs?

    (I'd prefer blogs to Youtube channels.)
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    I love Essie Button! She does both YouTube and blogging.
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    These are my fave youtube channels that also has a good blog.

    Makeup Geek
    I like her tips and getting ideas from her. She started the channel and from there, she started up a make-up business off of it. I hear good things about her she must really know what she's doing

    I love the way she does her "testing", because she wears her make-up and shows how it looks like 4 hrs or 8 hrs later. It's very a practical perspective
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    I'm sort of a YouTube make-up junkie

    I follow a ton of people, but I suggest:

    - EssieButton (fun and easy to relate to - simple make-up)
    - Sharon Farrell (in-depth tutorials that range from simple to more out there looks)
    - MakeupbyTiffanyD (all around great; very thorough)
    - EmilyNoel83 (make-up isn't super my style, but she has a nice personality and she has a ton of stuff on her channel)
    - Lisettesbeaute (easy to follow, nice personality)
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    My faves:

    Makeup by Cheryl H (blog here, she also has youtube)
    Makeup By Cheryl

    Jaclyn Hill (the BEST makeup artist out there, imo - she's fantastic on Youtube)
    Jaclyn Hill - Professional Makeup Artist

    Makeup by Tiffany D (LOVE LOVE LOVE her home decorating style in addition to clothes and makeup)

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