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Thread: Keratin Complex smoothing therapy treatment

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    Hello Keratin Complex smoothing therapy treatment

    Has anyone had this done? I'm going next month to get the five month treatment and I am curious as to how well it works.

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    I had the one that they flat ironed into my hair. It was great.

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    keratin treatments are awesome. a lot of people got them done at the salons i used to work at. if they weren't so pricey, i would totally get one myself but i can't right now. make sure you use sulfate free shampoo!
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    we used to do them at a salon i worked at. they worked great. you just cant get your hair wet or even put it up for a few days after getting it done, and you still have to blow dry it straight, if you air dry it or blow dry it just any way it will still be kind of straight, but not as smooth. its tricky but worth it.
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    My sister-in-law had this done. OMG! She always wore her hair in a small ponytail and you could tell her hair was course and wavy/curly. Left down her hair was at her shoulders... if that.

    She sent me pics after she had this done and OMG. Her hair was soooo long, straight and shiny! I was amazed! I had no idea that her hair could look like that! She said it was a long process and expensive but worth every penny! She is now keeping it up and will never go back to frizzy hair!
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    I have super super curly, coarse hair and had the keratin treatment done a couple of times. It was a pain in the butt and not really worth it. You can't use certain products on your hair after or it strips the keratin out and you have to be really careful the first couple of days not to get your hair wet, not to put it in a pony tail, and not to do anything to "scrunch" any part of it, or the scrunch will stay in your hair! Your hair doesn't stay straight forever afterwards, just until the next time you get it wet. It made my hair somewhat less frizzy but wasn't really worth the cost to me, I can achieve a similar effect just by keeping my hair super hydrated and well-conditioned.
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    Keratin smoothing treatments are awesome! We used to do them at a salon I worked out. Good luck! Let us know how you like it.
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    This thread is from 2013.
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