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Thread: Do you have a usual?

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    Do you have a usual?

    When you go to get your hair done, do you have a "usual" hair color, cut, style that you always get?

    I don't, I'm allllways changing. But, lately I've been sticking to the same haircut. I think I'm going to stick with the same hair color for a bit, but who knows. I usually it change very very often. I get bored with my hair so quickly.

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    Sort of. My usual is "do whatever with the cut, don't make it too short, and make me blonder."
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    When I get a haircut, it's usually something drastic. The last three times I've gone to the salon were for taking 7 inches off, getting bangs, and adding blue color. Definitely not just trims!
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    I do the same each time, and I don't have them style it normally. I just get half an inch(or less) taken off to have split ends removed. Then I have the girl, or guy whoever is there when I have time to go in, re-layer it.

    Refuse to color my hair anymore it costs to much to keep up with the colors and highlights I like. Last time I got my hair colored it was well over $200, because I had to have the black color lifted 3 times. Then I had all over dye, and two different colors for high/low-lights done. Can't afford to spend $40-60+ on my hair ,not inculding trims, a month just coloring it. (touch ups always have costed me as much as a normal dye job. So more than "normal touch-ups" as well due to me always getting the thin pin stripe highlights that take forever to do..... )
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    Before my last two haircuts, I would just ask for as many layers as is possible with the length that I wanted (down to around my boobs).

    However, I was bored with my hair the second to last time I got it cut so I said do whatever you want as long as it's not above my shoulders.
    Then, the last time I got it cut, I was like screw all of it! Make it whatever length you want!

    I kind of regret it because of how much I miss my long hair and the fact that it JUST got long enough to put in a ponytail again but they weren't bad cuts except for the fact that I would need to style it in some way every day. (Which doesn't go well for me since I usually take a shower in the morning and then head right to class and when I had my hair long it was fine because it was wavy, but now that it's short it just has one weird wave in it and it looks bad).
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    I usually just get it relayered and a different color. My hair has been every shade of brown.
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    The only "regular" thing I do is have my layers adjusted.

    I always gotta have layers in my hair no matter the actual cut.
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    I go back and forth between dark and blonde, growing it out and cutting it off. I'm always changing my mind.

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    I get the same highlights every time. and I don't have layers, my hair is just straight across so it's pretty simple. I'm not very daring when it comes to my hair

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