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Thread: How do you store your...

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    How do you store your...


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    We move a lot reason why I never buy fancy storage/organizers. I keep it simple.

    Mine are plastic.

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    My purses are in a laundry basket, my shoes are at the bottom of my wardrobe/on a metal shoe organizer in the storage room, clothes hanging/folded in wardrobe and dresser, make up separated in bathroom drawer with little plastic drawer organizers and jewelry I have an earring organizer, a giant upright jewelry box and another jewelry box. Maybe I should just go take pics
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    It could be worse.
    My jewelry is stored mostly in the boxes it came in and those boxes are in a drawer in my dresser. "Fashion" necklaces that don't have boxes are stored hanging on the "S" type shower curtain hooks that are on a self-adhesive towel bar that I put up on the closet wall.

    Shoes are in shoe boxes on the floor of the closet.

    Clothes -- Shirts, skirt, dresses and all pants except jeans are hung in the closet. Sweaters, jeans, socks, shorts and undergarments are in my dresser.

    Handbags are in their dust bags on the top shelf of my closet.

    Makeup - I have a basket that my makeup is in under the counter in the bathroom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevensgirl View Post


    My jewelry goes in the jewelry box.
    My shoes in the shoes closet in the entryway/shoe room.
    The clothes in the closets.
    Purse don't have a home, bottom of the closet, I guess.
    Makeup in my makeup bag.

    But I'm a mess, so things are everywhere I should work on that.....
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    I have a standing jewelry box, exactly like this but white

    shoes are in a hanging thing on the back of our closet door

    Clothes: tshirts, pajamas, shorts and tank tops are in the dresser, blouses, dresses and jeans are hung in the closet.

    I don't have a lot of purses, most of them are at the top of the closet

    and makeup, I have a main makeup bag that has all my daily makeup, and then another larger bag under the sink with all my extra makeup.

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    My jewelry is in a jewelry box.
    My shoes are piled up on the floor of my closet with no organization to them whatsoever.
    Tops get hung up. Pants and pajamas and underwear all go in my dresser/chest of drawers thing.
    I only have one purse, it get's hung on the same set of hooks as my hats and scarves.
    Make-up goes in a box of all my make-up type stuff. Just stacked neatly. I also have nail polish in there.
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    I just reorganized my new room.

    Purses are in a basket on the top shelf of my closet
    Shoes are for the most part on a hanging door pocket thing, and my nicer ones are in boxes on small shelves in my closet
    Makeup I wear everyday I keep in a pink makeup bag I usually carry around, if it's nicer makeup it's on the top, tiny drawer of my dresser
    Jewelry is in a jewelry box on my dresser
    Work clothes ( start in a week!) is in closet, as well as jeans, nice shirts, and my gazillion dresses
    Sweaters, t-shirts, underwear is in my giant new dresser
    sweatpants/sweatpshirts are in a basket in my closet
    Workout clothes is in a bin under my bed

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    jewelry I like to use my jewelry as decoration. I had made a hand sculpture years ago that I painted black and use as a ring holder. DF's sister made a black framed earring/necklace holder for me as a Christmas present and I store the rest of my jewelry in a crystal box. I'll have to post pictures later!

    shoes I have a simple shoe rack that I use and any shoes that I have that won't fit, I store in their boxes and keep them in my closet.

    clothes Whatever I can't store in my walk-in closet, I keep in my dresser drawer.

    purses I store them in my walk-in closet. right now they are in open boxes until I can reorganize and find a nicer way to store them.

    make-up I have a make-up trunk that I keep the goods in!

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    I guess I'm the only one who doesn't really "store" any of it

    My jewelry (what little I have) sits on my dresser.
    My purse goes down wherever it'll be the most out of the way when I walk in (usually the closet doorknob).
    Shoes sit in on the floor by the door.
    Clothes either get hung up or sit in the laundry basket
    My make-up goes in a little zippered make up bag that sits on my bathroom counter.

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