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Thread: Bra for backless, low-cut dress? (imgs- yes, of bras)

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    Bra for backless, low-cut dress? (imgs- yes, of bras)

    This is the bridesmaid dress I'm wearing for a wedding I'm in in December:

    I'm trying to decide on a bra to wear. I wear a 34D (leaning towards C in some stores), and as you can see, the front of the dress is really low cut, and the back is pretty non-existant.

    I'm thinking of a bra like this (this one is from VS):

    Has anyone with a larger breast size tried something like this? I also thought about something like the NuBra, but I'm afraid the fron clasp will show:

    Any suggestions? Reviews on websites are so contrasting, so I thought I would ask you ladies! Thanks!
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    Could a seamstress build in bra cups into your dress?
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    I'm a DD, and those don't always work for me. Of the couple you've shown, the top black one would probably be most supportive IMO.

    That dress is adorable!
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    I've used the bottom kind-- I don't recommend it unless you HAVE to. It weighs the breasts down so that they appear to sag. It's better for B cups or less. C and up, not so much-- I'd recommend the top kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anchored2aSailor View Post
    Could a seamstress build in bra cups into your dress?
    That's what I would suggest too. They can be really easy to put in yourself if you know how to sew, they can be found and jo anns.

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    I most likely wouldn't wear a bra with that dress, I'd probably just wear those nipple cover thingys to make sure my nipples don't show through the dress. BUT, I'm a 34 C so I don't have the biggest boobs in the world and can sometimes go without a bra.

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    I feel your pain ): I would think the first (black) one would be the most supportive, however, with 34DD's, I've never had any luck with strapless bras. even from Victoria's Secret. However, I'm going to the mall today so, I could try on that bra (if I can find it) and tell you what I think!
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    The bottom on never worked for me the girls are too big. I couldn't go no bra because then they were too low

    The first one might work but I think if you have the money the best and most comfortable option will be having a seamstress add a bra into the dress.
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    I'd go with the black one. That's the one I was going to buy, when I needed a "specialty" bra, y'know? (I'm a 32D.)

    (This isn't a serious suggestion, but Google found me these. D-Up Cups. [] NSFW. NUDITY.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anchored2aSailor View Post
    Could a seamstress build in bra cups into your dress?
    this would probably be the best option.

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