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Thread: Brazilian wax... waxing of private areas of the body

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    Brazilian wax... waxing of private areas of the body

    I have never heard about this type of waxing until my friend told me about this. I was like "wow"... And I wanted to ask you guys have you ever tried it and what do you think?

    I dont think I`d ever be brave enough to do this, but get jealous when my friend tells me how she dont bother about those hair a month while I have to shave them like twice a week.

    Also what do you prefer to use: razor or cream or what else?
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    While I've heard of it before, I want to know what others think of it cause I've never done it, personally
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    I'm getting one on Thursday. I'll let you know how it is afterwards!
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    I'm a big fan of waxing. It's easier than shaving, and it generally looks/feels better, IMO. It doesn't hurt that bad at all, and you do get used to it.
    Just find a place that is clean, and someone who is fast and willing to take the time to answer all of your questions.

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    I've done it two or three times...DF thought it was fine, but prefers hair. Its expensive and the pain is temporary and doesn't last longer than a few seconds; for me. Take advil or something before hand, I've heard other take tums as well.... wait a 24 -48 hours then definitely use a sugar rub to exfoliate the waxed area...I didn't the first try (which I did a month before I saw DF so I'd know how I'd react) and I also used an astringent - when I didn't it was not good...ingrown hairs and yuck! The second and third time I learned my lesson and used the exfoliate and astringent (I had no idea until I looked it up - i.e. a what did I do wrong google search)

    It took the hair to grow back at the same rate that I need to redo my eyebrows...maybe a tad longer.

    In the end, I was sooo happy when DF told me he preferred hair. I may get another in the future, but only for the ease of a vacation or something.
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    I've never had anything wax. I'm kinda interested in it...thinking about doing it before I leave for DB's graduation but I think I'm too chicken.

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    I do it all the time... like to the point that I just bought a wax pot and strips and do it myself. One wax here is like $60, so the pot/supplies paid for itself the first time I did it. The first time is the worst. And I think everyone of my friends agree that the "landing strip" area is the most painful part to wax. The rest is pretty uneventful-- especially after the first couple times.
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    I would take a Brazilian over shaving any day of the week. Yes, it's more painful, but you don't get razor burn and it lasts 5 times as long. It's completely worth the pain.
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    I did it one time. I was ok. I haven't done it again because of the cost. I had it done in Texas and cost $60. I can't imagine how much it would cost in San Diego. It hurt when I had it done but I don't remember having much pain or discomfort afterwords. If I had lots of money for it I would do it again.
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    I shave everything It feels comfortable for me, and DF prefers it. I try to be really careful not to get bumps, and for the most part it's okay, but I'm thinking of trying a Brazilian in the future... it just seems easier. I wax facial stuff, and I've waxed under arms a few times because it looks better than shaving and I don't have to bother with it for a month afterwards, and I know it doesn't hurt all too much as long as I use some kind of soother afterwards.
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