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Thread: hey long haired people!!

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    hey long haired people!!

    ..or any length hair people really, i guess. Just seems my hair complex seems to be more commonly shared amongst those with long hair so all you crazy OCD hair on for my saga...

    so i've always struggled with what sort of schedule to have of getting my haircut and how much to get cut off etc. i'm very picky with my hair and how it's cut, although it's not that complicated of a process; i don't dye my hair or style it really, it's just long and layered and mostly straight with some wave. but for some reason, i am always terrified to get my haircut...if i could never cut it i would choose that route...but it does get a bit straggly at the ends after a while and the layers grow out. every time we PCS is when i wait the longest to get that "first" haircut in the region because i agonize over where to pick my new salon and debate over flying back to the previous state to continue to get my haircut at the same place i once waited a whole year at one duty station because i was so afraid to cut it at a new place...

    BUT anyways...i have found a salon and a hair stylist i like here, but i still hate getting my haircut i had at one point made myself go every 5 months to get it trimmed and would get 2 inches off each time. but i started to realize that i really don't like the look of freshly cut hair...even though i like that it feels healthier i just don't like the look. takes about a month or two for that to fade and look more "natural" for me to like it better. and this last haircut i got around thanksgiving i got like a good 4 inches cut because i felt like my hair needed it...and it was shorter than i had had it in a long time and at first i liked the change knowing it was temporary before it grew more...but after like a week i got really sad about it and hated took about 4 months before i was happy again with the length. i like it to go at least a little past the top of boobs.

    i haven't gotten a haircut since...i am loving my hair right now but i know i will need to get it cut here at least by september because that will be 9 months later (is that crazy? i don't even know whats "normal"!!) and a part of me wants to just get a small amount off like 2 inches because i love it super long and i don't want to have it dramatically changed...but another part of me thinks that 9 months is a long time and i should get more cut to erase damage and refresh the layers.

    so...what is your haircut schedule? as well as your hairtype and whatnot. and also, is getting like 2-3 inches off every 8 or 9 months crazy? every where i read when i google such things says that you should get it cut every 6-8 yeah. that will NEVER be me. so i am curious what people really do.
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    Do you use straighteners, curling irons, or other heating tools often? If not, and you don't dye your hair, you can go a while between trimmings.
    I waited about 5 months in between my hair cuts the last time and the stylist said there was so little damage. I do color my hair but I rarely straighten or curl it, so I guess that's why?
    Usually I get it done about every 3 or 4 months though. I think I'd go more often if I had the time.
    My hair is pretty long, I guess. It's super thick and not straight OR curly. It's really in between, lol.

    That's how I got it cut last time, but it's really not much different than it was before. I never like to take any length off... I feel like a trim and some new layers is all you really need if you're happy with your hair to begin with.
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    I get it cut every 8 weeks ish because my hair is short, but lately it's kept it's layers and it's not damaged at all so Ive pushed it out further. I don't think it's crazy to go five months but you don't need to take an inch or two off your hair. Half an inch should be fine unless you're trying to maintain a certain length.

    When it comes to salons, read reviews and then bring in a picture of EXACTLY what you want. Even take a picture of yourself after a cut you like. You should be able to get what you want from a stylist especially since you dont ask for a complicated cut.

    I dunno, girl, deep breaths.
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    I get my hair cut once a year.

    Usually around my birthday.

    This is a recent picture of me, within the last month
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    I shaved my head about 4 1\2 years ok. Well needless to say I never wanted to cut it again. I have curly hair. I just went last month and got it got. My hair was pretty healthy so only both two inches had to come off. I really think it depends on how much damage is done. I never color it and only straighten it like once a month. I love my long hair and yes I hate the new cut look too!
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    I cut it MAYBE once a year. It is down to my butt.
    Don't judge someone just because they sin differently than you.

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    I go about every 5-6 months. I really need it every 2-3 but I really hate paying for haircuts.
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    I go every 3-12 months - yeah I know that is a huge range Basically when I feel like it. I am feeling like I want to cut it all off next month though..... and when I say all of it off I mean just above shoulder length
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    Well I TRY to trim my hair every 6 weeks, I had found the perfect barber who cut my hair the way I wanted but then the business closed down and I have no idea where they went so ever since I have yet to walk into a salon, ok I take that back, I'll walk in.. but after waiting there for my turn I go back and forth in my head and say NEVERMIND!! So I started cutting it myself, I was very skeptical about this, I would twist my hair all the way to the end when its wet and cut half and inch and then twist it all the way around the opposite way and cut half an inch, then seperate the two so it falls on my front and compare the lengths, so far this has worked for me. I wouldn't say 8-9 months is crazy, cause I have gone that long myself before cutting it myself lol but 2-3 inches thats too much for me lol, I cringe just cutting half and inch :/ but honestly I only really trim my hair when I notice my ends are totally full of split ends
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    I go 2-3 times a year and I have hair-cut-paranoia too! I've had my hair butchered a few times so I get pretty nervous when I go to someone new. My hair is super curly and unfortunately a lot of techs don't know how to cut curly hair. I don’t use heat on my hair at all and don’t do a lot of coloring so it’s very healthy and I can get away with fewer haircuts. I go when my layers start to form a “shelf” in my hair and/or when I need to get it thinned out. It’s super thick and can get hard to handle if I don’t thin it out. When I do go, I make sure to emphasize that I want to keep it as long as possible so they usually only cut a half inch or an inch, pretty much just the damaged ends.

    Here's a picture of my crazy hair (and baby bonus!) from the end of April, my last haircut was in February: Picture link!
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