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Thread: N Rage hair color

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    N Rage hair color

    WTF is up with it?

    I used it to dye my hair purple last night. When I rinsed my hair out it stained my tub and my skin really bad. Okay, whatever. I guess that happens sometimes when you wash hair color out.

    Anyway, I waited for my hair to dry then went to bed. When I woke up my pillow was purple, my face, neck, shoulder, arms, and hands were super purple. Even though I had washed my hair and dried it, the dye bled all over me. I have never heard of that before. So, what do I do? I can't go through the next 3 weeks purple while I wait for this to wash out! I'm supposed to go home and visit my family this Friday. What do I do??

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    Oh goodness!!! I can imagine that's probably not at all what you were expecting. I have no advice...but lots of
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    Wow! I have no idea. I've dyed my hair purple but it didn't stain that badly. Definitely didn't stain my tub or anything. I had some on my skin but it went away after a day or two. It did go on my bedding for quite awhile and every time I took a shower more purple would come out for a couple weeks. I usually just slept on a cruddy towel I didn't mind getting stained. Not sure how to get it off your skin though since everything I tried didn't work. Good luck! I hope someone can help you.
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    Try nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol? I got my blue dye off my face with nail polish remover. I've heard rumors of baking soda, but who knows... I don't know what would help with the fabric though sorry...

    Normally the dye shouldn't do that... maybe it wasn't 100% dry or it was humid or something. Especially since you already washed it.
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    I think it's just the worst dye ever

    I'll start sleeping on a towel. I bought some stuff from Sally's that should get the stain out of my skin for the most part anyway and bleach for the tub. I was just appalled that it stained my pillow even after I'd washed and dried it.

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    Yea I've used that stuff on a girl that wanted blue peek-a-boos when the beauty supply store was closed. Completely stained her scalp and didn't even have the great of saturation in the hair. I won't be using it ever again.
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    You could try getting a clear gloss dye to cover it maybe? That might seal in the color so it doesn't rub off on everything.
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