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Thread: Vegas???

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    Help Vegas???

    Hubby and I are going to Vegas this weekend to meet up with one of his buddies and his wife to hang out and watch the UFC fight.

    I've never been to Vegas and neither has hubby. If we are basically just going to a sports bar what should I wear??? I also need ideas for like a going out outfit because we might do that too. I'm just clueless to what's appropriate. Any ideas?
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    for a bar, jeans and a cute top.
    for going out, cocktail/clubby dress and heels!
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    Super jealous! You are going to have so much fun. Dressy casual, a step down from what you would wear to a club.
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    I use to live in Vegas, it depends on where you going. ALOT of the clubs on the strip have a dress code. and if you dont dress the part they wont let you in. Bar, it dont matter what you wear. its VEGAS anything goes. u could walk around naked and no one would even notice. lol. its true ive seen it. lol. but there is tons of things to do out there and u will want to go back to check out EVERYTHING. have fun and be safe!!
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    S&M is exactly right about the clubs & the dress codes. Also if youre going to be site seeing a good pair of shoes is a must. Also realize it's going to be super hot - 108+ so pack accordingly - and it does not cool off at night! I would adivse packing a water bottle to refill as water on the Strip is $$ but you're going to want it!
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