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Thread: Skin BRIGHT red after tweezing

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    Grumpy Skin BRIGHT red after tweezing

    Does anyone else have an issue with how red their skin gets around your eyebrows after tweezing them? I seriously get a HUGE bright red unibrow after tweezing. It's god awful. And it last forever. I have to plan to do nothing where I would need to go in public for a few hours after I pluck them. Nothing really covers it And it burns and itches Which when I itch it, with out thinking, it only makes them look worse I assume.

    Does anyone else have this annoying problem? Is there any way to prevent this? Or is it just something you have to deal with?

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    My redness isn't that bad, but I notice it's less red when I pluck right after taking a shower. I read somewhere that your pores are more open so there's less tugging to get the hairs out.
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    Wash your face with warm water first, ice them when you're done, come to Kentucky.
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    I usually have a cool wash cloth to run over my eye brow area when I tweeze. Takes the redness away for me. I never get it TOO bad though.
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    Mine gets like that. It's not so bad if I wash my face with hot water first though. And I always pluck at night so I'm normal by morning

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    I don't but my sister does. She ices her eyebrows after she gets them done and that helps some
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    baby oil will help with the redness.
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    try taking 3 ibuprofen 20 minutes before hand and ice it afterwards. reduces inflammation
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    Pluck right after the shower, and do it more often. If you do more maintenance then you're pulling out less hairs at once, causing less redness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HisByzantineLove View Post
    baby oil will help with the redness.
    I second this. The best "quick fix" for me is usually baby oil, then wash face with hot water.
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