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Thread: Lotion that isn't greasy

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    Lotion that isn't greasy

    I have been using Victoria Secret's lotion for awhile now and it's WONDERFUL because it kind of turns to like a powder and isn't greasy at all (which is great, especially now that sticky summer is coming!)

    I kind of wanted to change it up though. I tried The Body Shop's Body Butter today and that's not going to work. At least not for the morning-I could barely get my pants on it was so sticky!

    Anyone have any good recommendations??
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    Dial makes lotions that are quick absorbing & smell nice. Ive used these and I like it during the summer when I dont want clammy lotion hands.

    Aveeno Positively Nourishing (I use energizing, pomegranate grapefruit) is good too, not as fast absorbing as the Dial but its not greasy at all.

    I like the VS lotions too but they stay slick & greasy, and they arent even that moisterizing. I just use them for fragrance.

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    I love any lotion that Philosophy makes,,not greasy,hydrating and smells wonderful
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    My all-time favorite is Lubriderm Advanced Therapy. I usually switch lotions all the time, but this stuff is amazing. I tried Aveeno but it left my skin feeling filmy even when I woke up in the morning. Lubriderm doesn't feel TOO greasy, but it absorbs in five or ten minutes and it makes my skin super soft.

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