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Thread: Hair Help for Sub Ball

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    Help Hair Help for Sub Ball

    Sub Ball is this Saturday night and I have zero idea of what to do with my hair since my dress is SO different from any dress I've ever worn before. My hair's a little longer than shoulder length and HERE'S my dress.

    I got THESE shoes and I'm not set on jewelry yet. I will probably wear my diamond studs and nothing else.
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    Your dress is soo pretty! but sadly im no help for hair. curls thats all i got.
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    I think you should curl it and put in a pretty rhinestone clip and clip one side back since you are going light on jewelry. Think 1930s glamour with the hair.
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    A very pretty whimsical up do would look really pretty with that dress. Just google " Up do's" and click on images and it will bring up TONS of ideas Have fun!

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    I would say keep the jewelry simple since the dress has a lot of sparkles! And definitely an updo to show off the neck of the dress. Pinterest is a great place to look for hair ideas

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    Curl your hair and then pin it up

    ETA: kinda like this, but not so messy

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