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Thread: I need help finding a dress..

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    I need help finding a dress..

    I have a formal work event on the 26th and I need a dress for it.

    It's not formal like a ball formal, but basically dress very, very, nicely.

    Here is what I like:
    Most of the dresses on Pinupgirlclothes (but I can't try them on )
    Classic looks
    Black and white
    Belts on dresses
    Knee length


    I'm not a fan of flowy, hippie kinda dresses. I'm curvy-ish, I have a tummy. Ummm...I don't know what else you would like to know. I'm gonna be in class all day, so I might not respond right away.
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    Prom Short Dresses, Homecoming Dresses, Short Homecoming Dresses By Jessica McClintock
    ^It says they have this dress in black and white also, when looking at it before actually clicking on it. I know they have stores all over the place, so they might have it in store in different colors. I actually had this dress, well maybe not the same exact one, in high school. I LOVED it.

    Little Black Dresses, After Six Dresses By Jessica McClintock
    Also, with their dresses. The pictures make the dresses look a bit shorter the they are. Every one I've tried on has been a lot longer than they look pictured.

    bebe | Kristie Strapless Colorblock Dress

    I might try to find more later. I like to shop online for others, since I can't for myself

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