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Thread: Hair cuts?

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    Hair cuts?

    When you get your hair cut, do always go to the same stylist? Or do you to different stylists? Do think it's "wrong" or "dishonest" to go elsewhere?

    I really like the cuts I get from the gal I go to now, she understands what I want and I've never been unhappy. Except that now she's on vacation, won't be back until mid Feb. My hair is driving me crazy!
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    I don't think I've ever had the same person cut my hair twice
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    If I find that one stylist that does an amazing job, that's the only person I'll ever go to. But it always takes me forever to find them, then we end up moving lol. I've been here 3 years and have yet to find anyone I love so I just see whoever they have available.

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    I don't think I have ever had my hair cut by the same person twice, even if I really really love someone. I do something different every time, so I like a different perspective.

    My mom, on the other hand, has had the same stylist for like 10 years, and before that she had a different lady for 10 years. They are/were both wonderful stylists. The problem I have with that is if she asks them to do something different from normal, they freak out and think she won't be happy with it, and talk her out of it. I couldn't handle that.

    I look up reviews online, go somewhere that was well-recommended in my price range, and tell them I'll double their tip if they make no commentary on the state of my hair's health. I am well aware that it's fried, thank you very much.
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    I've been going to the same woman for the last 8 years.

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    If I find someone that can actually do my hair right I'll go back to them as much as possible even if it costs my $50 for just a cut. It's rare though to find anyone that can do good point cutting and good texturing when I get my layers done. I loved the last lady I went too, but I'll be only able to go too her once or twice more before we move...
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    I had the same stylist in CO for 5 years. Now I'm having to find a new one It's scary. I put so much work into my hair-- it's scary when people butcher it (which they have)

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    I typically find one person I like and stick with them, but I had a really bad experience that resulted in me having to cut my long hair into a pixie a long time ago so I'm traumatized lol.

    I don't necessarily think it's wrong to go to different people though. I'm sure stylists prefer to have loyal clients but I don't think if you went to another person in your situation, yours would be insulted or anything. Two weeks with bad hair is a long time lol.
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    I go to the same place, but I usually have a different stylist each time. I think they all do an equally nice job. I don't think it's wrong for you to go to a different place either.
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    My friend is like that. Has been going to the same stylist forever. I have always told her she'd look great with red in her hair... Kind of a burgundy. Well she finally decided she wanted to try it. Then her stylist talked her out of it for several months. Last month she FINALLY convinced her stylist to do it. She looks GREAT and loves it. I knew she would.

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