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Thread: Has anyone tried

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    Has anyone tried

    any these "dry shampoos" that I keep seeing in stores and in magazines?
    I'm wondering if any of 'em really work. It would be nice to freshen up my hair w/o all the work of washing it.
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    The Tresseme one made my hair sticky. I just got the Suave one, and so far I like it a lot better... and it smells better!
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    yup. i use the oscar blandi one a lot. it doesn't make your hair look "clean"... you definitely can't just forgo a shower for it. but i use it to pump up volume or if i just want to throw my hair up in a bun fast.
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    I've used the Tresseme Fresh Start spray in dry shampoo. My hair wasn't really all that sticky, it just got tangled a little more, but it gave my hair GREAT body (so much that I sometimes spray it in just as a volumizer haha) but I have stick straight stringy hair so...
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    I haven't, but for years I've always used unscented bath powder to soak up some grease at my roots. It's cheaper and I can't imagine anything could work better.
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    I've been using the Suave one. It works well, and has an okay scent to it. But being a person who doesn't use hair products often, I sometimes find the scent too overpowering to me. But I've never had any friends/family/coworkers mention it, so it's probably just me. If you spray a lot, it will leave some white residue, which will fade out if you just run your fingers and/or a brush through your hair a few times. Also, you can get it at any grocery store, like Safeway or Target. And it's only $4.00.
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    I use the victoria secret only for the days i really cant shower that morning and it defiantly works but i prefer just showering if I can lol
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    Have only used them on my patients.
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    I have one by stila, I got it for 40% off lol figured might as well. I actually love it. I have long hair so I don't like using it on my roots cause it seems to make my hair tangle really easily, but I use it all the time on my bangs. It would be impossible for me to go a day without washing without it because my bangs start to separate really fast.

    The one I have is a powder that you shake through your hair though, I don't understand how sprays would work.
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    Suave is a good one. My hairdresser told me to use one because I have oily roots and dry ends. She said you need a bristle (natural bristle is better) to brush it in.

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