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Thread: Hair Dyeing Gurus!

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    Hair Dyeing Gurus!

    I've decided that I want to dye my hair a new color. I've always really wanted to dye my hair blue

    For any of you who have done bright colors, what kind of dye did you use and how well did it work out?? Did you have any negative side effects (extra dry hair, brittle, etc)? Did you dye it yourself or have someone else do it for you?
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    The first time I did my blue, I had it done at a salon. They bleached the ends and put the color in- both were Pravana. After that, I've done it myself. I only went to a salon because I only wanted the ends done, and I didn't think I could do the bleaching well myself. I'm about to do my whole head though, so I'm doing that myself. My hair didn't have any problems beyond what it already had, but I haven't had my natural color since I was maybe 11, so it was already fairly damaged.
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    Ive always done it at home. I use pravana bleach and manic panic for the funky colors.

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    Manic panic has never given me any issues at all. Its always made my hair softer something about them using all natural eco safe or something to that effect. To make the color stay longer since it is not permanent I use 1/3 cup of vineager to 3/4 cups of water and rinse my hair with that when rinsing the color out and then put some dye in my conditioner to give the color a freshen up when I condition

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