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Thread: Leave-In Conditioner.

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    Whatever Leave-In Conditioner.

    What's the best leave in conditioner?
    - dry
    -always straightened
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    I love using It's A 10

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    What do you mean? What is the best for each type of hair? or just which one in general...

    The one I use isn't specific to hair types but my good friend (a hairstylist) got it for me. It's called Professional sebastian penetrate. It's a deep strengthening and repair-masque. It works very well.

    Make sure whatever you get though that you leave it in as long as you can (30 minutes is good) and cover yourself with a one of those little plastic hair wraps or a plastic bag. If you have a salon type dryer then that would work well but if not use a blow dryer on it for about 10-15 minutes (on low I'd say).
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    I have naturally dry, curly, dyed hair. I use Nexxus leave in conditioner in the mornings & their overnight one in the evenings.
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