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Thread: Mineral Powder Foundation

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    Mineral Powder Foundation

    Okay ladies I need some I use Mary Kay mineral powder foundation and I LOVE it but I feel like after 4-6 hours it needs to be retouched. Would a primer help it stay on longer? And if so is there any one you recommend?

    Thank ya!

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    A primer would definitely help the makeup stay in place and vibrant. I use NARS Pro-Prime: Sephora: NARS Pro-Prime™ Pore Refining Primer - Oil-Free: Primer. But there are plenty of awesome primers at Sephora!

    Also, another thing that could help is just a mid-day sweep of a light translucent powder. I love this one by Urban Decay: Sephora: Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder: Shine Control/Blotting Papers. It's a really nice touch up without piling on any more foundation!
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    A primer would definitely help, I use the Bare Minerals primer and foundation and my makeup holds for 12-14 hours usually.
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