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  • Pantene

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  • Garnier

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Thread: Shampoooooo & Conditioner

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    Shampoooooo & Conditioner

    im curious to found out whats the best shampoo & conditioner between these?!
    i have curly hair that i straighten alot more then i should, and to add salt to the open wound, i also dye my hair often. .

    what is also a really good leave-in conditioner?

  2. Meow.
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    I currently use Suave and it has really helped my hair not get frizzy. I've used their dye protection, sleek, and all hair types. I really like all of them.
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    I love Suave's professional brands. The orange label (not sure what it is at the moment) works really well at keeping my hair soft and healthy (when I avoid dye and tons of heat).

    I also love using Aussie's 3 minute miracle. For a leave in/ shine serum I use Biosilk. Smells amazing to me and it moisturizes without getting heavy and greasy.
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    I use two different shampoos ATM (Head and Shoulders Refresh because it makes my hair feel super clean and Dove Intensive Therapy, I think that's what it's called, don't really care for it) and Dove Intensive Therapy Conditioner. I'm looking into some new ones, since the ones I have just aren't doing the trick for me right now.
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    I use herbal essences shampoo called dangerously straight. It is actually for people with straight hair and helps control frizz. HOWEVER, I have naturally curly hair and I found out by accident that this particular shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair wavy to straight after my showers . It has cut the amount of days I have to straighten my hair from 4-5 per week (I take days off) to 1-2 days per week.

    Cool stuff! lol, perhaps it is just my crazy hair reacting to the shampoo, but I'll take it.

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    I've been bouncing from one shampoo & conditioner brand to another. I just can't find the one that works for my hair.

    So far, I have been oscillating between Aveeno, Dove Intense Therapy, Tresamme, Pantene, Suave. None works. I gave up on finding the right one.
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    I alternate. It's better for your hair (so I've been told) because there are different ingredients in each one so I usually have 2 brands open at once and switch ever week or so. So all of the above except Herbal Essences and Suave. I also use Nexxus and Mane and Tail
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    I use Nexxus. It's a bit pricier than the other brands, but SO worth it. It makes my hair feel like I just left the salon, every time!! And it smells good!

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    I Switch between suave deep clean and herbal essence squeaky clean (or something like that) with John Frieda Brilliant Brunette conditioner have been my favorite.
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    Suave professionals works as well for me as any other brand I have tried (including expensive salon only brands) and is sooo cheap! That's what I use I don't have straight or curly hair, though, so my hair isn't too difficult to manage.
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