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Thread: Breast Augmentation cost

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    Breast Augmentation cost

    So I was reading the thread on breast implants, and I was just wondering how much was your surgery in the area where you live? (if you don't mind sharing) I am just curious about the difference in pricing according to location!
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    I think we had a thread on here lonnnnggg ago about this topic. I got priced something ridiculous like 10 k (and after from hearing from other ladies realized I was getting overpriced and/or ripped off or something fishy was going on, but I didnt end up getting surgery regardless, it was more of a curiosity thing.)

    But I think the average running price was 2 to 5k.

    I would also consider incidentals like if you need to go back and get something touched up and then there is always saving up money for the re-augmentation 10 years or so down the road (which I'm not sure if that's applicable for both silicone and saline breast implants? it's been so long since I've done any research.)
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    a neighbor spent 6k and she had some difficulties with the end result (seriously, I think she did it to herself, not wearing the bra long enough, blah blah) another spent 7K and have AWSOME!! boobies...the 7k was 2 yrs ago...but I would suggest adding 2500 to the surgery cost for a "yeah I have ...... wrong" and they tell you" , there's a surgery cost.
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    Surgeries will cost more if you need a lift and not just the implants.

    If I end up getting mine done Ill need a lift because mine don't exactly point up, and it'll cost me in teh neighborhood of 8k-9k. But it also depends on the dr and the practice and all that jazz. So you could get it done for cheaper obviously, but I'm one to spend more on things as serious as surgery and not just look for the cheapest deal. I'm not willing to risk that.

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