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Thread: Face wash set

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    Face wash set

    What do you recommend? Im trying to find something that I like and that will help my face problems.
    My face is oily, then VERY dry on my cheeks. They are actually pealing and red.
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    Skin ID did wonders for me.
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    I sell BeautiControl it is a wonderful company and they have differant sets to go with any type of issues. They actually formulated the skin care around the age of the client. So we have a 20's,30's,40's,Platinum Plus, Clear(acne) & sensitive line. I have used it for a year and loved it so much I started selling it!
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    I use Lush products for my skincare. I really love coalface it does wonders for me when i do break out.
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    i've used all sorts of face washes...its so annoying becuase i have to constantly switch cuz they stop working. its like my face becomes immune to i gotta change it up

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    I love Philosphy. I use the purity facewash and it doesn't make my skin feel oily or dry. I get a greasy T zone and then dry cheeks as well. Try using Clinique Dramatically different moisturuze or their antioxidant one.

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    I can't afford really good stuff, so I use Olay face wash for Sensative skin. It doesn't do squat so I don't know why I continue to use it.

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    marykay cosmetics and skin care has this great cleaner called timewise its a 3 in 1, i've been using it for years they have one for dry skin and one for oily to combination. i have to use the oily to combination bec parts of my skin will be oily and then like u my cheeks will decide they wanna be dry. also try a moisturizer. my mom sells mary kay so feel free to pm if you would like to give it a shot
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    i love the Clinique 1- 2- 3 stuff lol they mix and match it for your skin and its really not that bad priced... i more just like the bar soap face wash it makes my face feel so clean and i have super oily skin so it fixes that and baby lotion on my face. it doesnt leave it oily like most face lotions and its way cheaper and i liek the smell haha.

    good luck finding something that works for you!!
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    I agree with trying the clinique system. It is a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I have used it for years.
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