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Thread: S/O Makeup Removal - what are your necessities??

  1. Veteran's Wife <---- this makes me sound so old! :(
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    Veteran's Wife <---- this makes me sound so old! :(
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    Confused S/O Makeup Removal - what are your necessities??

    I'm 28 years old..... and I am PARANOID about getting older..... so I am an advocate for taking care of myself....

    I'm a Mary Kay cosmetic freak there are about 8 different products that I use on my daily! Sometimes twice a day

    Just a synopsis: cleanser, moisturizer, day solution, night solution, firming eye cream, eye revitalizer, even complexion essence, microdermabrasion (2 x a week), and more.....

    I also do a LOT for my hair, I have regular conditioners, leave in conditioners, silk serums, curl boosters!

    um yeah......

    So is there anyone else out that is a freak of nature like me????
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    I wash my face with a soap made w/olive oil. I use Vit E oil to remove my eye makeup. I then use the Loreal hydra-renewal lotion or the off brand (equate) regenerating perfecting cream (equvilent of Oil of Olay).
    When I need to deep moisturize I mix equal parts of olive oil/castor oil/sunflower oil then apply to my face, rub in in circles for about 2-3 minutes then get a washcloth wet with pretty warm water, hold it to my face for about a minute then gently wipe off oil. I repeat the washcloth process about 2-3 times.

    I've been told I don't look 46... But I do know I don't have alot of wrinkles. Oh! And I am NOT a sun worshipper. I don't go tanning and I don't sunbath. I used a foundation with sunscreen in it also.
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    Ummmm no sorry honey you are the only freak so far

    As I stated in the other thread, facial wash, toner and moisturizer. I rarely wear makeup since I was about say 25 or so (now only on special occasions or when I am going to do makeup so I at least look like I know what I am doing). I do on occasion wear a tinted sunblock in the summer but general I don't even do that.

    For my hair, regardless of what anyone says my hair does not deal well with cheap brands. So I go from the big name salon brands than when that is out I will do a cheaper salon brand you can get at a beauty supply place, than back to big name. And I have had many a stylist tell me they are jealous of how healthy my hair is all the time.
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    By no means are you wierd for having all of that as a skin care routine! I use L'Bri products which are all natural, aloe based products. I use a deep pore cleanser, toner/refresher, eye gel and moisturizer twice a day. Twice a week, I do a facial peel. I am only 28 and have had melanoma, so my skin is very smooth and wrinkle free (from not being able to bask in the ) and I am still crazy about keeping my skin this way! ....Although I do know it is inevitable....wrinkles are as sure of a thing as taxes......

    For my hair, I have naturally curly hair that I straighten. I have a straightening serum I put in my hair before I dry it and then I have a serum that protects my hair from the heat of the straightening iron. Dont get me wrong, there are some days I say screw it and just throw my hair back in a pony tail and go sans makeup!
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    Philosphy face wash
    Neutrogena alcohol free toner
    Clinique Dramatically different Moisturizer
    Carmex for lips
    Burts Bee's blemish stick for pimples
    I try to do a cucumber/avacdo mask once a week. It leaves my skin super clean and really smooth.

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    Nope. It's just you LaDonna.

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