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Thread: Do you have a charm bracelet?

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    Do you have a charm bracelet?

    I wanna get one for my mother in law, but Im having trouble finding one thats not so expensive and I website that I can trust. The charms I want to get is a yellow ribbon, a high heel, a crown and a pink and baby blue baby shoe. Any ideas anyone? Im willing to go to every website, I just rather not lol
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    my dh got me one a few years ago. he gets me charms on special occasions so i love mine. not cheap though. just the charms are like at least $200/piece. i dont think youre going to find a quality bracelet and charms for cheap. you could check ebay but who knows if if it will turn her arm green ya know. i knwo before i left to come here to japan a lot of jewelry stores where im from were going out of business and like giving things away practically so you could always check on that?
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    No i dont have one so im no help but i can say Thank you for asking this cuz i want one soo bad!! So now i can get some sites to look at!

    IMy Baby Boy!
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    you can visit to following link to have beautiful & unique design bracelet..
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    I was also going to suggest James Avery. Great Quality, free cleanings, and a great selection. In my hometown, San Antonio, if you had a charm bracelet it was from there.

    No Worries.
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    Im a fan of the Pandora charm bracelets but they can get a little pricey.

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