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Thread: Can't do it alone need your tips

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    Can't do it alone need your tips

    I've been biting my nails forever tried everything and I'm getting married fall 2011 and I really don't want to have the fakes on for my wedding so I need all the tips and advice you guys can give me
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    Sheer will power

    When my nails were painted, I HATED biting them because I'd get nail polish bits in my mouth . Could do that.

    Or dip your nails (or dab it on with a cotton ball) in vinegar or some other smelly liquid while you're at home to keep you away from them

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    paint vinegar on your nails ( like polish) if the smell bothers you it will help you stop the urge. If spicy things bother you, use hot sauce ( just beware of your eyes and rubbing) the taste will condition you.

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    When I was younger my mom bought me this No Bite nail polish stuff that tasted gross so I kept my fingers out of my mouth.

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    I had some No bite polish. It had something in it that made it disgusting.

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