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Thread: New Jeans!

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    New Jeans!

    I'm in serious need of some new jeans. Just wondering where you all like to get yours? I'm pretty picky, but what I like I ususally can't afford!
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    I love my Vigoss jeans. I get them from Maurices, but I *think* they have them at Sears. I love my Seven jeans also... but I don't buy those as often, just because they are more expensive. Oh, and I love my Big Stars too!
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    I like this site

    I can't wear the jeans, cause they are the 'jr" styles, and I can't wear the lower cut jeans cause of my mommy belly
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    Lately I've been buying the Old Navy Dreamer jeans. I'm currently losing weight and don't want to put too much money into them. They fit well and I won't feel like I wasted a ton of money if they get too big!
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    I really like my American Eagle bootcut jeans. I also get lucky sometimes and get good finds by digging through the racks at TJ Maxx and Marshall's.
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    I'm in NC he is in CT
    I love refuge from charlotte russe
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    jeans are something that i usually dont mind spending a lot of money on, so my favorite jeans are joe's jeans. i also have a few pairs of sevens, and i have a pair of true religions that i got over the summer that are my favorite pair of the lot.
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