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Thread: Outfit help!

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    Outfit help!

    Okay, so I may be WAY ahead of myself, but I can't help but be a constant planner and my trip to Okinawa to see DF is no exception. It's a 20-something hour flight. I leave from Detroit Metro, first stop is in Chicago, then Tokyo, and then on to Naha.

    For most of the trip, I'm planning on just wearing tennis shoes, cropped sweatpants, tshirt and a hoodie. Pure comfort.

    But, I think I want to change my clothes (along with fix my hair and re-do my makeup) in Tokyo, since I have like a 4 hr layover there. But, I don't know what I should change into. I haven't seen DF in FOREVER and this is the highlight of years. And I want to look amazing for him.

    Any ideas ladies? I can always pick out a few outfits for you to see, if that might help. I just need some ideas. What do you girls like to wear when you see your boys for the first time in months/years?

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    If you want to wear something nice I would say make sure it's comfortable too. I'd wear a Jersey fabric dress with some flats.
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    Take a dress that won't get too wrinkled.. 20+ hr flights are brutal! Forever 21 has a bunch of jersey knit type dresses. Express has some really pretty knit dresses that wouldnt get wrinkled either

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