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Thread: Hair cut suggestions?

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    Hair cut suggestions?

    I need to get a haircut badly! I've been puttin git off because I can't decide which style I would like. My face is very round, and i'm going to be gaining weight soon (for a good reason, of course!) so that makes it hard for me to pick a short style that will look good on me. i've always worn my hair long and I want to try it short, especially now. Does anyone have any hair style suggestions? I need a cut short enough that it wont make me hot and doesn't take forever to style, but one long enough that I can just tie back and not worry about it getting in my face. I'd really appreciate it! I'm getting married in two weeks so I need to decide soon. Thanks in advance!

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    I would go with something like this. It's just long layers with some wave to it and it's kind of a medium length. I think the waves will take away from the roundness of the face, if that's what you're worried about. Also, I would keep it below the chin.

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