Okay, so I love my maxi dresses, but it's getting cold here and will be snowing soon. I really want to continue to wear these dresses and I've been looking online ways to transition them from summer to fall/winter.

My biggest challenge is the shoe situation. I found a few places that suggested wearing them with like some suede flat boots. I'm not sure how I feel about flat boots to begin with (like over jeans) but under a dress?

Am I just slow and need to go find a pair and learn to love them?

I almost feel like how I did with leggings, I despised them for so long, but eventually gave in, got a pair, and grew to love them. Maybe this is the same sort of situation.

If you don't think boots are a good option for transitioning the maxi dress into fall/winter what would you wear?

Also if you HAVE a pair of flat boots (I can't do a heel up here, snow and ice nix that idea) would you be willing to show me what you have? I'd love to see pictures of them actually being worn. I really like the idea of flat boots but not sure I really like how they look.

Okay. Yeah, this was a mess of a post for sure!