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Thread: Clinique Mineral Makeup

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    Clinique Mineral Makeup

    I finally did it...I bought it! and I said I would give a review after I tried it!! so here it is!

    I have been using BE (Bare Minerals) FOREVER and I decided I wanted to try something different...

    Today is day far I really like the way it feels on my face...and I LOVE the have to turn it (and it grinds the make up) best description I can do...but you waste less that way...and its WAY less messy!!!!

    I will let you know later how I like it at the end of the day!
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    I like this thread! I can't wait to hear the final review after some more time!
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    I was just looking at the clinique mineral makeup in a magazine and I'm really curious to see how you like it. I too am an avid Bare Minerals user, but I really like how the clinique one dispenses.

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